Thursday, February 19, 2009

12 Weeks

So my belly doesn't really look to much bigger than 2 weeks ago.  But my boobs are a different story.  The one thing I've wanted from this besides a beautiful baby is bigger boobs.  My mom promised me that once I had a baby they would grow when I was a sad sac 14 year old with an A cup.  When I went on the pill I went up to a B cup and have been pretty satisfied but once I got pregnant I started to get excited with the prospect of finally getting  some curves.  Geeze I still sound like a 14 year old for crying out loud.  

So I had my first visit with m actual OB and she was really really nice.  She did the ultrasound and said everything looks perfect.  That of course made me really happy and excited.  And the best part is that my baby actually looks like a baby.  
I think s/he is pretty darn cute.  So the next time we see the baby will be at the NT scan.  I'm going to do the integrated screening because my OB said it has less false positives.  I figure it can't hurt and neither test hurts the baby so we are excited to do it.  

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pay it forward

So my friend Alicia is working on this awesome blog phenomenon that involves reaching out and sending crafty handmade gifts to each other.  So this is how it works:
Two of my lucky readers who leave a comment on this post will receive a handmade gift from me within the next 365 days (i will do my absolute best to get the gifts out sooner than this).  But whoever wins.... well they have to be willing to do the same for their readers.  Any kind of craft works.  A knitted item, a mini-scrapbook, anything made with your own 2 hands.  
If you are a lucky winner, you'll get a hand-knit item from me.   

You don't have to be a winner here to play.  If you want to participate in Pay it forward then just  leave me your email address in your post so I can give you the rules.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 weeks

So a picture says 1000 words right.  This one sure says alot.  Like where did this bump come from so soon?  I wish I had been taking belly shots since I first found out I was pregnant so you could all see that this isn't just the result of one too many grilled cheeses.  But more importantly,  the picture is probably making you ask how could she let her bathroom mirror get so dirty.  I'm just so tired all the time I haven't had a chance to clean.  This is embarrassing for me because I take a lot of pride in having a clean house.  My husband has been great about doing the laundry and tidying up but he is not good about the details.  Hence the spots on the mirror.  One of my best friends is visiting this weekend so I have to do a major clean.  I guess I'll start in the bathroom.

Oh and she is coming from the East Coast so I'm going to make her pack some DD muffins for me.  My brother did agree to ship me some after making fun of me for about 10 minutes.  But he didn't want to pay fedex so he is doing priority mail.  That means I have to wait for a few days for my muffins.  So it is great timing that my friend is coming Saturday.

My other news is that I get to stop all drugs.  So no more yucky prometrium vaginal suppository and no more estrace.  I will not miss either of them.  Hopefully the baby won't either.  I hate taking the drugs but I worry that (s)he still needs the extra hormones.  But hey, I totally trust my RE so if she thinks it is fine then I won't waste another thought on the subject. 
I have my first regular OB appointment on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it.  Now I just have to fill out the pile of paperwork they sent me in the mail.  Le sigh.   Maybe I'll just take a little nap first. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Cravings

I really really really want a Dunkin' Donuts blueberry muffin right now.  Not a bakery blueberry muffin.  Not homemade.  Dunkin' Donuts blueberry muffin is exactly what I need.  But I live in NorCal.  There isn't a Dunkin's anywhere around here.  I don't even think they are available in this whole state.  Crap.  I wonder if my brother would be willing to fedex me one from Boston.  In Massachusetts there is a DD's on every block for crying out loud.  O.K.  this is serious.  I'm calling my brother now.