Monday, February 25, 2008

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Feels sad, watches this
Feels better.

Now I just have to finish my final two provera pills and wait on auntie flow. Still feeling positive. And excited about starting clomid. I have always wanted twins.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Be Positive.... in more ways than one

So today I saw a different doctor than usual today. He was super straightforward which I liked. He said that it is likely I've suffered an early miscarriage. Fantastic. I had a blood test today to confirm. And will know for sure tomorrow.

He wrote me a prescription for provera to start my period should the test be negative.
And a prescription for clomid.
And a prescription for prometrium to help with my short luteal phase. This one got me. He looked at my charts, appreciated that I'd been doing them and said that my luteal phase is short and that the clomid and prometrium will fix that. My normal doctor does not believe in LPD. And said I was fine. What what what???
So then I run into my normal doctor on the way out and he was like.... " I think this means you are pregnant. Lets keep your hopes up until you get the blood work back. It is best to be positive"

I am just numb right now. I'll just be waiting for my blood test results.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

calm once more

O.K. so I've made a doctors appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I feel so much better.
My guess is that I got a false positive OPK and ovulated late and that is why I'm off and my period is not really late. I ovulated super late the month prior so it could have just happened again. That is pretty sucky, but I can deal with that. No use speculating though. I'll find out soon. But this is a good example on why it is good to chart. I gave it up last and now I'm clueless. If I had been charting I'd no for sure whether or not I really ovulated.

Not Pregnant

I was shaking this morning when i read it. I can't believe it. What is wrong with me? Urggg. I'm going to call my doctor this morning.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Crazy Weird

So after I got a negative on Thursday I figured I was out. Then my period didn't start. I just had some spotting. So we went away for the long holiday weekend and I figured I would just enjoy myself and not think about pregnancy, babies, tests, etc.
Well I had more spotting late on Friday night and freaked out that I didn't have any pads or tampons (all but one emergency one I keep in my purse), and would have to get some supplies early the next day when stores opened up. Well the next morning no period. The whole day I was fine. Just a little spotting. And my nipples really hurt. Yesterday I just had a hint of spotting. More sore boobs. And today no spotting. So now I'm back at home. I'm 18DPO. I'm testing with my one and only digital I've been saving for months. If I get a negative that means something is wrong and I have to go to my doctor to start my period or whatever. Or........... I get a positive.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


So my little cheapy test gave me a negative. And I just noticed spotting. Swell.

We are going on a ski trip with friends this weekend so at least I'll be able to drink. And I guess I'll have to schedule my HSG now. I'm a little nervous about that. But excited about the increased fertility that comes with it. So on to the next cycle.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Takes Deep Breath

I may actually be testing in the morning. I have a cheapy test that I got for free for buying pre. So I'll be using that tomorrow morning if my period doesn't show up. I haven't been charting so I do not know for sure when I ovulated. But I had my positive OPK on Jan 29th. So if I ovulated 2 days after that it would have been on January 31st. Meaning tomorrow I'll be 14 DPO. A good day to test if I do say so myself.

If I run I can make it to Pilates. I think I will. I need to chill tonight and think of something besides this.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Phantom Symptoms

Since Saturday I've been cramping. All during my acupuncture session my uterus was have fun with me. It did calm down so that it wasn't too painful. But today more cramping. Figured it is probably just indigestion.
My breasts have been kind of painful too. But that happens to me every 2ww. So I am discounting it.
The only thing that sticks out as new is that I saw little teeny tiny tinge of pink on my TP. So maybe implantation spotting. Maybe the TP has pink threads.

I'm just going to wait until Valentines day and test. If I even make it that far. I fully expect to see FP. And I have to remember to call my and schedule my HSG on day 1.

On a more positive note I have to say how happy I've been about the wonderful warm weather we've been having. This is a nice change from the usual rains.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mmmmm Pineapple

So my beloved Patriots sucked it big time on Sunday but Hillary is winning tonight, and the blue team finally won on biggest loser. Perhaps all is not wrong in the world after all.

I ate my last piece of fertility increasing pineapple today. I never would have guessed that Pineapple would have anything to do with getting pregnant. But it is all over the internet and some people swear by it. So I cut up one pineapple into 5ths and have been eating 1/5th each day. Today was the last piece and it was so sweet and yummier that the first couple of days. I guess the sugars all concentrate over time. Anyways it was yum. The only iffy part was that according to the fertility goddesses on the boards, you have to eat the core to get the benefit. The core has less sugar and more fiber. But I enjoyed it. The trick is to either grind up the whole piece in the blender with some yogurt and OJ. Or making sure to eat a piece of the sweeter outer edge at the same time as eating a small piece of core.

Friday, February 1, 2008

No Temping for me

So now that I'm pretty sure I ovulated (due to the smiley face and pain stemming from my left ovary area) I've decided to give up the thermometer. Every cycle I get so into watching what happens with my temps. Waiting for a dip at 6 DPO, hoping for a steady climb and no drops afterward. Well nope. I'm not going to rev myself up this time around. I'm just going to go about my business as if nothing significant is happening. I think I'll be more at peace and that is supposed to help.

I think I'm feeling so good about this since I know that even if I do get AF I'll be getting an HSG next month and that is supposed to increase fertility. So I'm confident that with that and the acupuncture I'll be pregnant one way or the other in the next few months. The other realization is that I'm no where near as bad off as some other women. So many of my online friends from TTC 6 months + group have really bad problems like PCOS, or MFI. Yes I do have fibroids, but I believe that they are under control at the moment and should not interfere with getting pregnant. Plus my doctor reminded me on my last visit that we are no way in the problem area yet. It has only been 6 real trying cycles and therefore I should not be considering myself having trouble yet. So I'm not. I'm considering us normal and that I can't plan everything and it will happen when it happens. But it will happen. I have no fear in that.