Monday, October 15, 2007

The Same Old Fight

My husband and I had the same fight today that we've been having every cycle of TTC. He falls asleep before me on the couch while watching TV. When I wake him up to go to bed he just wants to stay asleep. We are supposed to having as much sex as possible but he can't motivate after being asleep. When I try to seduce him he pushes me away. He wants to sleep. Last night I got so pissed that I went to sleep on the couch. I ended up going back in our room because I realized my thermometer was in there and I would need to take my temp in the morning and didn't want things to be disrupted. So when I woke up to take my temp he was all "what is it today". I replied with "why do you care". He wanted to talk things over but I declined and took the dog out. He wants to talk about the fight later but I just don't know what is left to rehash. We have this fight every month. I just don't think he cares as much as I do. Well I know he doesn't. If he did. He would motivate for sex. I mean it isn't like pulling teeth. It is sex. Who doesn't want to have sex. Luckily (or unluckily) I did not have a temp spike. So no ovulation. So I guess we didn't miss a prime baby making window. Maybe tonight. I guess if I want to salvage this cycle I'm going to have to seduce him at like 8pm. No excuses!

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