Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let me explain

So the follies poster is about a comedy show at work.  'Follies' as in Ziegfeld Follies.  The poster is an advertising campaign to get people to come to the show.  I just keep focusing on the follies are coming part.  It speaks to me on another level.

Let me also explain about my awesome acupuncture appointment today.  My regular LAc, went on vacation but she has a guy (Dave) from another clinic fill in to make sure her fertility patients all got their treatments this week.   I like Dave.  I may have to visit him again later.  Anyway today I started the special blood flow treatments.  Instead of laying on my back and getting needles on my tummy, I laid on my belly and got needles on my back.  I also had some on my calves, ankles, wrists, and hands.  But the best part was the electricity.  He hooked me up to this mini-car battery looking device and sent little currents to some of the needles.  It was so cool.  To feel stimulated, yet relaxed is just fantastic. I fell asleep after awhile and was totally groggy afterward.  I can't wait until next week.  Acupuncture is my favorite thing related to IF treatments.  It is money well spent.

I was feeling pretty good today until I got an email from my nestie/TTTC friend that her IVF cycle was cancelled today due to poor response.  I'm so sad for her.  I wish there were something I could do or say.  But of course there is nothing.  This process is hard enough, but to hit snags like poor response is just awful on so many levels. Shay I'm sending you virtual hugs because that is all I can do!!    


Anonymous said...

See hear I am checking to see that everything is going awesome for you and you are concerned about me. Thank you for the hug I will take all I can get. I am trying to find that positive bug of mine even though its a little hard right now, but I do have faith and I have faith that santa is bringing you a BFP. (((Hugs))

alicia said...

so glad that you are loving accup!! i love it too, and the battery machine thing, soo awesome! it always makes me fall asleep :)

sorry about your friends cycle, that is a huge bummer

Cassandra said...

Even more than the electrical stimulation, I enjoy cupping! My acu almost never does it, but it's great when he does. The first time I came home with my back covered in bruises, though, my husband was completely horrified.

I've been worked on by literally dozens of acupuncturists, and it seems like everyone does things a little differently.

Dora said...

Did you get the electrical stim acu on the sacrum? That's so freaky! But I can feel that it gets the blood flowing.

LOVE cupping. It's reverse massage. The muscles get released upwards instead on being pressed on.