Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 weeks today

And we have a strong beautiful heartbeat.  I went to the RE on Tuesday afternoon for my 2nd ultrasound and was so very nervous.  I kept having this stupid feeling that the baby was just gonna not be there.  I don't know where it would be but it doesn't matter.  He was there.  And his little heart beats 120 bpm.  

So at first my RE pointed out the little flicker flicker of the heart and I was just overjoyed.  It was amazing.  But then she turned on the sound and hearing the little whoosh whoosh whoosh of the heartbeat I just about about fell off the table.  At that moment I was in love.  There is just nothing like it in the world.  

My RE was so happy that she hugged me.  She was really worried since my betas started off so slow and said that the doctors in her practice were all discussing me in their weekly meeting because they had only had one other patient start off so slow.  She did have a healthy baby and her 1st beta was 10.  Well mine was 14.  And They did do mine a day early due to Christmas so it really would have been around 20.  The point I'm trying to make is that now they can add my numbers to the data set and change those means so they don't have to worry if this happens to another patient.  I'm always about the science.

All the admin ladies were so cute and excited for me.  I just love them all so much.  They were like "don't forget us."  Are you kidding me.  How could I ever.

My RE gave me a referral for one OB that is nearby.  And a fact sheet on prenatal genetic screening that needs to be done around 12 weeks. Fun stuff. 

Well sorry for all the delays in posts.  I'm just totally exhausted these days.  I can barely get everything done at work.  It is so sad.  But worth it of course.  Especially since I'm not puking.  My nausea is pretty mild and seems to disappear if I eat.  So I try to stay on top of it.  So I'll take exhaustion.  It is workable.  My other major symptom is heartburn.  It is so not fun.  And lastly....constipation.  This seems odd to me since I'm drinking so much water.  I can't get enough water I'm always thirsty.  But I'm still having trouble in that department.  So I'm gonna try adding some more fiber to my diet.  

One more thing and then I'd better leave for work.  My moratoreum on knitting baby stuff is over.  Yesterday I met up with Janessa and bought yarn for a gorgeous baby blanket.    We'll see when I actually have enough energy to work on said blanket.  But I have the yarn and supplies ready.  I'll show photos when I've made some progress.  


Leah said...

Looks like we are both on the same time table here. Had my 7 week ultrasound yesterday. Good luck with everything. It is so nerve wracking and all we want is for our babies to thrive and be healthy. Sending good vibes your way.

Andrea said...

OMG congrats on the heartbeat mommy!!!!!!!! So overjoyed for you!!! I'm so glad they get to add you to the success stories list!! xoxo.

janessa said...

Woot! I didn't realize you had *just* had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat!!! How exciting!

And, you do realize you continue to refer to your baby bean as a he, right ;)

Yay for heartbeats, yay for visual evidence (beyond nausea) and yay for knitting!

Greg and Heather said...

How incredibly exciting! I can;t imagine the joy you were feeling when you heard your baby's heart beat!!!!


Kristin said...

How wonderful!!

Michelle said...

That is such wonderful news. Take good care of yourself. I am so happy for you! I really am!

Aramelle said...

I am so happy for you that things are going well with the pregnancy. What a great moment to have heard the baby's heart beat!

Leigh said...

We are also on the same timetable - I had my 7 week scan on Wed too!

Yes, that heartbeat is the MOST amazing thing ever!!!

Clio said...

just wanted to let you know that I smiled all through your post. :)))

alicia said...

YAY!!! So thrilled for you! and when i was reading all your symtpoms I couldn't help but smile, not becuase I wish the horribleness of the 1st trimester on you, but because it means you are pregnant! for real pregnant and having a baby! YAY!!!!