Thursday, July 31, 2008

That was awkward

So I'm walking Bailey around the block when I run into Val from work holding hands with a girl!! She said hi to me and I said hi back but then Bailey starts acting up and I excuse myself to continue the walk without having introduced myself to her girlfriend.   After walking a couple of yards I realized that i must have looked a little shocked and hope it didn't come across as rude or phobic or anything because I wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable.  Val isn't out.  And I totally don't care anything about her sexual preference.  I have lots of gay friends.  Anyhow, it isn't like I'm going to go up to her at work tomorrow and mention it. But maybe I should say somethingto her about running off like "sorry I had to rush off dog gets impatient until he has had his walk" or something to that affect.   I dunno.   

 Isn't he the cutest dog?  He is my little baby and the world's best snuggler.  I love him to pieces.


Nit said...

Yes, Bailey is adorable!

I think that you should just "act" normal...if she brings it up, you can tell her it's not a biggie to you. Otherwise, I wouldn't make a big deal of it :)

alicia said...

such a cute dog!!

and I am sure she is used to shocked reactions if she is not open about it! I wouldn't say anything, but if you see them again take the time to talk to them! thats what I would do :)

JenM said...

What a cutie! If you are worried she feels bad, I would just make a comment about the dog getting antsy, or not being polite with strangers or something.

Ariella said...

I would say something about the dog being ansy. If she looks upset about you "outing" her maybe mention to her that you wouldn't tell. Your puppy is really cute, BTW!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm, that is sort of awkward. I would mention something similar to what you said, so she doesn't think you rushed off b/c you were wierded out by it. Your doggie is super cute.