Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last night I forced the man to watch the 1980 film version of Xanadu.  I had wanted to watch it forever and stuck it in my (Netflix) queue.  I already knew most of the songs since I love love love Easy Listening.  It was a pretty silly movie.  But great music and great dancing.  And I was surprised to see that Gene Kelly was in it.  It was actually his last singing and dancing role in a motion picture.  So if you like campy films with screen legends check it out.  The word Xanadu actually comes from a pretty cool Coleridge poem.  Of course the man slept through most of the film and is annoyed at my current queue.  I guess I have to amend it.  The problem is that I pretty much control the queue because for the most part he has no interest in film.  I like independent films mostly (he thinks I should buy stock in Fox Searchlight).  The last few movies we saw were:  Lars and the Real Girl (five out five stars), Running with Scissors (3 stars...the book was much better), and There will be blood (too weird for me and only gets 2 stars).  Next in my queue are Friends with Money, The squid and the whale, and Jean de florette/Manon of the spring.  I guess I better switch it up and add some random guy movie to please the spouse.  I just don't have any clue what to pick.  Bleh.  

So I've decided to move on with life, put my big girl panties on and congratulate the inlaws.  It isn't their fault that my uterus is good at growing everything except babies.  And I love babies.   I'll love their baby.  Our new little niece or nephew.  If I can't buy cute baby things for our baby then I'll do it for our new niece/nephew.  I'm going to buy them a little gift this weekend and send a nice card.  And under separate cover I will send an short apology note for being so late and lax with my congrats.  Hopefully they'll understand that I'm in a bad place right now and that it has nothing to do with them personally.


JamieD said...

At least you can congratulate them through the mail. It is always so much harder face to face. And like you said, maybe by the time you actually see them face to face, you will have a BFP of your own!

Shaz said...

All the best. Its never easy coping with somebody elses pregnancy. I made the decision when my sister in law was pregnant with her second that it might be the closest I ever get to a baby of my own so I pour everything I have into that little baby. Here's to your BFP!

Just Me. said...

Love Xanadu too! Love the music and the dancing!

It's really hard dealing with announcements like this. Like you, I am in a bad place as well.

I'm dusting this blog with BFP vibes!

Huge hugs.