Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm still here

I'm just the worst blogger these days.  I remember when I first started this blog and it was such a great outlet for venting and I had a lot to vent about so I posted a ton.  But now that I don't have a lot to vent about I'm just not as into it.  But that bothers me too.  I always kept journals and love looking back at them.  So I'm going to look at this blog as just that.  A journal of my life right now.  And now that I have my energy back I have no excuses.  So I'm going to be better about blogging.  

So here is a little update.  I'm 15 weeks.  And I for sure have more than a pooch.  I'm enjoying it.  But because it was time and because I really can't hide my belly for much more I told my boss and few people at work.  It is so nice to be "out".  But my boss who is not a kid person did not say congrats.  He said "well I hear that thats a good thing".  What an ass.  I was expecting something like that from him though so I wasn't offended.

I'm also going to be better about knitting.  I can't believe that I bought yarn for my first baby blanket (for my own baby) almost 7 weeks ago and have only done a few inches.  So pathetic.  So I'm going to get my butt in gear and go back to my old lady knitting group.  Yes old ladies.  I love them.  It is like I have 10 grandmas who are all awesome knitters.  I haven't told them about the baby yet and I'm sure they'll all be over the moon.  So I'll be posting pictures of my progress here.  Here is the 1st and most pathetic one.
I'm also going back to working out.  I'm signing up for pre-natal yoga this week and I can't wait to start.  The only exercise I've been getting since before IVF is walking Bailey.  And that really shouldn't count as exercise.  


Leigh said...

Your boss is really a jerk!

But you are looking beautiful!

E_Sharp said...

I hear that's a good thing?
Some people!
Lookin' good!!

alicia said...

yay belly shot! you look great! sorry about your boss's lame response! that totally sucks! I am glad you are getting back to knitting, what a beautiful blanket that will be!

Sweet Georgia said...

I agree with pp, your boss is a jerk!

Love the belly shot! You look fabulous.

B MoM said...

So fun! You're getting to do all the preggo stuff!!! Enjoy it!

Marcu said...

Love the belly shot! I started prenatal yoga last weekend and I really liked it. I've been terrible about exercise too, so I'm hoping this helps get my butt into gear.

I love that you are in an old ladies knitting group. So fun!!

Clio said...

that's a lovely belly!
I love old ladies and knitting as well.
I have a funny story about that. I started knitting when I was 8. With a bunch of old ladies, of course. Without my parents knowing I'd skip my foreing language classes to go to knitting circle. :D

militarywifealways said...

Oh I have been waiting for the belly shot :0) glad to hear your among the living