Sunday, November 25, 2007

2 cool things

1. The PATS are still undefeated. Ha Ha. And so now they are 11-0 in the standings and this game they beat the Eagles 31 to 28. So that in itself is cool. but here is why it is way cool. I amd 11 DPO and 11 is my lucky number. And I am 31. Therefore, I think I'm going to be undeafted this cycle and get my BFP. You'll all know in a day or 2.

2. Notes from the underbelly is coming back to primetime tomorrow. I'm so excited. I love that show and really thought they had cancelled it like they have cancelled all the other shows I really like. So even if BFP remains elusive in Novemeber, I will be treated with a great show that is all about pregnancy.....which is obviously my favorite subject.

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