Friday, November 30, 2007

The Hunt Continues

So after my period started I got really bitter. Why am I now pregnant yet? What is wrong with me? Well since I've already had all the tests and have even had 2 surgeries to correct my fertility issues I have to believe that there are only 2 possible answers.

1. Male Factor. Just in case I had my husband go for a semen analysis on Wednesday. He is scarred for life. He said the place was so cold and he felt like everything was filthy and covered in other mens semen. So he wouldn't touch anything including the helper magazines. He didn't even pull down his pants. Just unzipped his fly. I told him things are much more difficult for women obviously. But he is still very upset about it it. Hopefully it will all turn out fine. In which case we move to possible answer number

2. Nothing is wrong. It is only month 5 of ovulatory trying. It takes most couples 6 months. So statistically speaking I should get pregnant in the next two months so I should just relax and try to have enjoy all the sex.

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