Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So for the past couple of days I've been peeing on sticks. On the TTC boards we refer to that as POAS. I'm getting quite good at it. The last 2 days I had positive OPK tests. It is nice to know that at least my body is making the pre-ovulation hormone and at least that hormone is surging enough to be detected by the sticks. I'm about to go pee on one now. I've been holding my urine for the requisite 4 hours. Hopefully I'll get a negative. Which should indicate surge over and ovulation has occurred or will do so soon. We've been have sex every night. And I swear I felt ovulation pain on the left last night. But my temps don't show an obvious shift to indicate ovulation yet. I'll know in a few days. But seeing a negative OPK now will make me feel better. O.K> I gotta pee. I'm ready to burst.

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