Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year so Far

Well I haven't blogged in a bit due to the holiday and travelling out of the country for vacation. I'll post some pictures soon. Anyway, I have felt really happy the past few days because I finally ovulated. You see, I really felt I wasn't going to ovulate this cycle and have to wait around for my period to start. All my OPKs around the expected time of CD 15-19 were negative. Also my temps were flat and still in the 97 degree marks (well under my normal post O temps of 98.1 and higher). I had all but given up when I started feeling frisky and got my husband into it to and had sex. Then a day later I noticed my temps were in the 98s. I was so excited. The high temps continued and I've finally been able to update my chart and was soooo very pshyched to see the cross hairs. Especially since we now have a small shot this cycle.

Now the unhappy part. I'm sitting in the airport awaiting my connection home and due to poor weather in crapifornia we have been delayed until..... So annoying. We were going to be getting so late as it was. I shouldn't complain. At least I was able to get on the internet. Yeah for wiresless hotspots.

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