Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I miss paradise

So here are a couple of photos from our lovely Christmas vacation in the Caribbean. I will visualize these images when I try to chill out and relax this cycle. Also to help with my stress I am starting infertility acupuncture. My good friend recommended this to me since it worked for her in 3 months after having 3 years of infertility, failed IVF, failed IUIs, chemical pregnancies, and miscarriages. Now she has a gorgeous daughter. And she claims it is all due to infertility acupuncture and herbs.

I was reluctant to start the treatment until my cycle got all wacked out last month. I am just sick of waiting for this to happen. And I'm not getting any younger. Actually my birthday is this week so I'm freaking out. I really thought I'd be a mom by now. So we'll see. I liked the acupuncturist. He gave me all of these dietary restrictions such as avoid seafood and wheat. Saturday I start taking the herbs and have my first procedure.

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