Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I hate green tea

I'm sucking this stuff down just to increase my CM and blah. I guess I'm just not fertile. Because it just isn't working. And I'm getting water-logged.

I am now on day 17 and no OPK+, and no EWCM. I hope ovulation isn't delayed again this month like last. I thought day 18 was my norm and that last month was a fluke. Guess not. Guess I'm just not predictable. Blah. I'm sure that me stressing about it is only making things worse.

In non TTC new, I'm feeling so sad about Heath Ledger passing away. He was one of my favorite actors. A really gifted actor and I was a fan of his since 10 things i hate about you. It is weird to feel sad about the death of someone you've never met. But I do. And I'm sad for his baby who will never know her dad. Why should any little girl have to deal with that. So sad.

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littlemonkey said...

I hate green tea, too. I ended up buying green tea chewing gum from the store in lieu of the 'real' stuff (wait, I did have a little of the real stuff, and I still didn't like it!)

I, too, am sad re: Heath... I loved him in 10 things, and it's still such a shock that he's gone. :(