Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mmmmm Pineapple

So my beloved Patriots sucked it big time on Sunday but Hillary is winning tonight, and the blue team finally won on biggest loser. Perhaps all is not wrong in the world after all.

I ate my last piece of fertility increasing pineapple today. I never would have guessed that Pineapple would have anything to do with getting pregnant. But it is all over the internet and some people swear by it. So I cut up one pineapple into 5ths and have been eating 1/5th each day. Today was the last piece and it was so sweet and yummier that the first couple of days. I guess the sugars all concentrate over time. Anyways it was yum. The only iffy part was that according to the fertility goddesses on the boards, you have to eat the core to get the benefit. The core has less sugar and more fiber. But I enjoyed it. The trick is to either grind up the whole piece in the blender with some yogurt and OJ. Or making sure to eat a piece of the sweeter outer edge at the same time as eating a small piece of core.

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