Monday, February 11, 2008

Phantom Symptoms

Since Saturday I've been cramping. All during my acupuncture session my uterus was have fun with me. It did calm down so that it wasn't too painful. But today more cramping. Figured it is probably just indigestion.
My breasts have been kind of painful too. But that happens to me every 2ww. So I am discounting it.
The only thing that sticks out as new is that I saw little teeny tiny tinge of pink on my TP. So maybe implantation spotting. Maybe the TP has pink threads.

I'm just going to wait until Valentines day and test. If I even make it that far. I fully expect to see FP. And I have to remember to call my and schedule my HSG on day 1.

On a more positive note I have to say how happy I've been about the wonderful warm weather we've been having. This is a nice change from the usual rains.


littlemonkey said...

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. When's FP due?

Where've you been?

1E.c.h.l.o.e. said...

FP is due tomorrow. Thursday will be 14DPO so I'm going to wait til then. I have never made it passed 13 so if FP doesn't show I'll POAS on VALENTINES day.

I'm been somewhat MIA because I'm trying hard not to get too caught up in the 2ww crazies. I'm usually on the board at night now though.