Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Be Positive.... in more ways than one

So today I saw a different doctor than usual today. He was super straightforward which I liked. He said that it is likely I've suffered an early miscarriage. Fantastic. I had a blood test today to confirm. And will know for sure tomorrow.

He wrote me a prescription for provera to start my period should the test be negative.
And a prescription for clomid.
And a prescription for prometrium to help with my short luteal phase. This one got me. He looked at my charts, appreciated that I'd been doing them and said that my luteal phase is short and that the clomid and prometrium will fix that. My normal doctor does not believe in LPD. And said I was fine. What what what???
So then I run into my normal doctor on the way out and he was like.... " I think this means you are pregnant. Lets keep your hopes up until you get the blood work back. It is best to be positive"

I am just numb right now. I'll just be waiting for my blood test results.

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littlemonkey said...

Big hug to you. Everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Seeing this new doctor enabled you to take the next step, should it be necessary.

Running into your regular Doctor ensures you keep 'positive thoughts' on your mind (as well as others)

Things are good, they're moving along. Fingers and toes are crossed for you (at least until they cramp!)