Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is a line really a line???

So there is this mantra on The Nest boards that goes, "a line is a line".  Meaning that if you see even a hint of a line you are pregnant.  Hmmm.  Well either I'm going crazy from all of these months or my eyes were totally screwed up this morning, or I saw an evaporative line (although this was within the 5 minute mark).  My husband think we are just looking at the spot where the line would should show up if Hcg was detected and just seeing the shadow.  So we decided to wait and test again in the morning.  

So I'm not really hopeful.  I mean I would have expected a clear line.  But I used a cheapy test.  So I'll try first response tomorrow.  


E_Sharp said...

Holy crap!
That would be great news! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the nest post!

Alison said...

Ummmm... I tested mid-day... and the slightest line. By the time I got home. No line. By the next more... VERY distinct line... and double checked with a digital!! BFP. GOOOD LUCK TO YOU!!! (MyABCLife)