Wednesday, April 30, 2008

o.k. o.k.

Tested again this morning.  Still think I can see the thinnest of thin lines.  Is it possible to see just the indentation mark where the line would be.  I don't see any color.  Just a line.  My husband has suggested that I just wait 2 days and test again.  So I will.   Either I'll get my period (because I stopped taking the prometrium) or I'll see a for real colored line on my last test.  Or I suppose I could get a digital.  :  )

Also I finally broke down and told my mom everything.  It was so cathartic.  I felt like it had all been building up inside me and I poured my heart out and cried.  She was really understanding and cried a little too.  But then she said the dreaded "you need to relax" because you work all the time, and "you are probably just trying too hard".  I sort of knew she would say that crap.  But the one useful thing she said was that her Aunt Milly was listed the sterile old aunty for a long time, then at 36 popped out her first and had 4 more within the next couple of years.  I'm only 32 yet.  So there is hope.  Plus I thought everyone in my family was super fertile and noone ever had any problems.  If this Aunt Milly was infertile there was nothing she could of done back in those days (1950s) especially since they lived on a tiny little island in the caribbean.  So it must have just worked out for her.  I've got lots of medical options to try.  And I got a referral for an RE yesterday and will call to make an appointment today.  Maybe I'm already pregnant and don't have to worry about this anymore.  But I highly doubt it.  I think at this point it is just wishful thinking or I have little squigglies floating around my eyes and think that they are lines.  Ha.

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Ariella said...

OMG Girl!!! After my positive beta I took a HPT and it looked just like yours a line but no color. CONGRATS your PG!!!!!