Sunday, April 13, 2008

My tube are clear!!

So I had my HSG on Friday.  It wasn't as terrible as I expected.  But I did take 2 extra strength tylenols an hour before which probably helped me with the pain.  

I got to the hospital at 12:30 as they asked me to do.  Got registered, and then checked in to radiology.  I think they were surprised that I actually had all my paperwork ready.  So I was done by 12:40 and had to sit around and wait for my 1pm appointment.  By 1:10 I started to get annoyed that I was just sitting and waiting.  So I went to check to see what was wrong at the desk and they told me to just keep waiting.   I hate that.  Why do they tell you to come a 1/2 hour early just for you to sit and wait.  

Finally at about 1:15 a tiny little spritely woman came over to me and said she would set me up for the HSG.  She was so sweet.  She was like "honey, you trying to get pregnant right, well this is going to help you, God is going to take care of you and you will have your baby, and when you do bring it back here to meet me".  It was like she knew just what to say to me.  All of my anger disappeared.  Then she complimented my diamonds and told me how much she loves them and showed me all her bling.  She was too cute.  So before we started to walk over to the radiology unit she hugged me.  I was so shocked to be hugged by a perfect stranger  but she was so sweet and cute that I hugged her back.  She was like a little old reassuring grandmother.  They picked the perfect woman for that job.  

So I had to strip down from the waist down and put on the funny little hospital gowns.  And then met the doctor that would be performing the test.  He fully explained everything and promised to tell me what would happen at each step before hand.  And he did.  And the little grandmother was there to assist him.  There was some pinching and cramping.  But it wasn't too bad.  Seeing dye fill up my uterus and fallopian tubes was kind of cool actually.  But I couldn't tell if everything was o.k. because he kept telling me to shift to the left and right.  I guess that helped show that the dye was properly spilling out and over my ovaries.  And it did thank God.  I was so worried that he would find a blockage.   

However he did find something out of the ordinary.  He asked me if I had had any surgeries and I explained to him about my to hysteroscopies to remove my fibroid and he explained that their was an an area where he could tell.  A little C shape pocket in the front of my uterus right where the fibroid had lived and it was also filled with dye.  So I dunno if that will affect my chances of getting pregnant.  He didn't say.  I'll have to ask my doctor.   But I feel o.k. He didn't mention that being a problem all the other times I've had appointments.  And he should know that it is there.  I think it just seemed odd to the radiology doctor because he didn't expect it.  And odd to me because I didn't know what it would look like.  Anyway, like I said I'm not going to fret over it until I have a reason to.  
When I told my husband about it he joked that maybe all the sperm are getting stuck in that pocket and that is why we aren't pregnant yet.  I certainly hope that isn't the case.  Plus, there are tons of sperm so only some would get stuck if that were the case.

Afterward was kind of gross.  I will not be specific.  But with gravity, stuff leaks.  Nuff said.  
I was able to return to work no problem.  And was actually productive.
I think taking the painkillers beforehand was key.  


JackiJaguar said...

I'm happy to hear that your HSG went well...the grandma lady sounds so sweet. I love those moments when the right person knows just the right thing to say. I always wonder if those people know the power of their words.

littlemonkey said...

Happy to hear that things went well and I'm happy that the 'grandmother' woman was so welcoming and caring, right when you needed it.

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