Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post Op

  I'm alive.  Yay.  I am such a baby, I really felt like yesterday could have been my last day even thought the chances of something going wrong were really low.  But my mind was all over the place.  What if there is an earthquake and the doctor pierces a vital organ by accident?  What if I get MRSA or some other antibiotic resistant bacterial infection from being in a hospital?  But so far so good.  My RE just called me to tell me that she is calling in an antibiotic prescription as well as one for estrogen to help me to heal faster.  
So the good news is that she was able to clean out all of the scar tissue from the uterus that was probably caused by my last hysteroscopy.  Apparently after fibroid removal the uterus collapsed and then as it grew back to its normal shape the scarring occurred.  Well now it is all removed and the uterus is clean.  Also my tubes are open.  
The bad news is that she found endometriosis on the outside of the uterus and around the fallopian tubes.  This could mean my best bet at conception is IVF.  I'm o.k. with that though.  It is more expensive but I don't really care about the money now.  I'm just ready to start a family.
So whatever.  As long as my uterus can grow a baby to term, I'm happy.  And now it can, so I'm happy.  
To prevent my uterus from collapsing again I have a balloon in there that will be removed next week.  And I will have my bandages removed then as well.  

So now I'm just relaxing in bed with my laptop and watching The View.  My mom is busy cleaning and making homemade chicken soup for me.  So this isn't so bad.  

Thanks to everyone that wished me well.  I really think it helped.  


Erin said...


Take care of yourself the next few days!!!

Ariella said...

I am glad it went well! Your in my thoughts and I hope you recover quickly.

alicia said...

yay I am so glad it went well!! and I am glad you are resting and taking things easy! heal up quick girl!

E_Sharp said...

Great news! Hope you get well soon so you can get cracking on the next steps!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad your surgery went well! I've been thinking about you. I hope you heal quickly and that you are on the way to starting a family very soon.

JenM said...

Glad your surgery went well, and I hope that your recovery goes smoothly and quickly. Yay for Moms!