Monday, September 22, 2008

This will be a good week

My husband keeps trying to tell me that a positive mental attitude leads to positive outcomes.  So I'm going to try it by making a list of everything that will make me happy this week.
1.  ICLW, for those of you wonder about the cute little puppy icon but have been too lazy to click on it, it is for International Comment Leaving Week.  This week have to comment on 5 new blogs and return one comment.  A total of 6 blogs a day.  The best part of ICLW is that I get to read all these new blogs that I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise.  There is some good stuff out there.  And as more and more of the writers of my favorite blogs get pregnant (I get a ton of inspiration from those blogs so I'll keep reading them of course) I have to add new ones to my blog roll of people still trying like me so that I can have stuff to read that I can relate to.  And ICLW is the perfect vehicle for this.  So if you haven't done so, click on the puppy icon and find out what it is all about.

2.  I have always looked forward to the new fall season of tv shows.  I always get a thrill out of seeing cliffhangers get resolved and checking out the new programs to see if I like them.  This fall I'm really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy.  It has really wonderful writing and I love where the story line is going.  But I'm also really into Dancing with the Stars which is just a cheesy reality show.  That isn't all.  I love How I met your Mother, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives.   Thank goodness we have a DVR.    

3.  We have a new guy at work.  This is good because a new person always changes the social dynamics of the lab.  We were in this stagnant situation of a bunch of 20 something grad students who were really loud and obnoxious all day long.  There were only 3 of us more mature quite types.  This guy is a little older and has kids.  So I'm going with the assumption that he'll be in the quiet group.  Already I've noticed that the volume has gone done a ton.  Lets hope it stays like this.

4.  I'm signing up for belly dancing.  There is this new studio in my neighborhood and it looks like fun.  And I could use some activity around my middle.  Stress eating all summer is not good for the waistline.   


tripmom827 said...

I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy either! Belly dancing sounds like fun. I am for sure not brave enough to try that!


Christine said...

You go girl with the belly dancing!!!

I love Private Practice, except when they didn't quite portray IVF properly when they fertilized the egg and had her awake during the ER. but that is TV :)

Mrs Woggie said...

I can't wait until Grey's comes back, but it will be a while for me, being in Australia!

My husband tells me I need to sty positive all the time, sometimes I don't feel like I'm being negative, just realistic.

Here from ICLW.

Lifeslurper said...

Thank you world for all the gorgeous men willing to help us keep it together during IF and related treatments!I have started making similar lists myself...but can't say I am brave or coordinated enough to try belly dancing...good on you!

janessa said...

I, too, am super excited for fall shows! Also, I'm a firm believer in postive thinking. I'm a big optimistic nerd.

Kristin said...

Good luck with any and all upcoming treatment.

Enjoy your belly dancing class.

And, I'll join you in saying thank goodness for our DVR. I watch way too many shows and love to fast forward through the commercials.


alicia said...

yay belly dancing! soo fun! those are some good things you have listed! just keep thinking about those!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm totally loving the new programs on TV. Is it sad that I'm waiting for American Idol to come back (don't answer that). I'm here from ICLW and I'll be reading all about you!

Nice to have virtually met you.

Anonymous said...

Belly dancing sounds fun!

Here from ICLW.

sassy said...

I agree with the belly dancing comments - it DOES sound fun... maybe a little prep for the TTC? (;