Friday, March 14, 2008

Craptastic Day (work stuff)

So I'm finally getting some good results in the lab and am super excited about the data that I was collecting today when one of the supply tanks to my GC (gas chromatographer) empties. What the crap? How does one tank empty before the others? Its almost as though I've been sabotaged by someone, turning on this one tank and letting it run low. I don't understand how it could have run out. Now I've learned a valuable lesson. Always keep a spare. If I had a spare I would be running samples right now. But I don't have a spare. I have to order a new tank. And I can't do that now because it is lunch time and all the ladies that do the ordering are out to lunch. Craptastic.
Hopefully I can get a new tank ASAP so that I can finish my samples before Tuesday at the latest. I

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