Monday, March 3, 2008

Town full of weirdos

So yesterday and today I had strange run-ins with odd people. Yesterday this shirtless guy in rollerskates and short shorts takes for ever and ever to cross the street and reaches his hand into my car for a high five. It was totally scary.

Then today, I'm walking along minding my own business when this load buzzing starts. I figured it was some car alarm or something but it kept getting closer. I figured out that it was coming from this guy who was walking toward me. I made the mistake of looking at him and then he would not stop staring at me. I got nervous, looked away and walked on. After a minute I turned to look at him and he was holding his fingers as if to aim a gun right at me. I walked away as fast as possible. I wasn't too scared. It was obvious he was not armed. But geeze, it freaked me out.

These things happen here though. I live in a town that is famous for drugged out hippies. Some of them went on to become yuppies with SUVs. But a lot of them are just nuts. I think I got t little more scared today because I was on campus at the University where I work. And do to all the recent school shootings I can't help but be a little on guard when a disturbed person fake points a gun at me.

Sure takes the mind of baby making. Or lack there of.

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