Friday, March 28, 2008

good things

So I wanted to write about some "benefits" to not being pregnant yet. First of all there is coffee. I "milky foam heart" it. The worlds best coffee shop resides in my neighborhood. Not only does it have the best coffee and tea. It also has yummy bagels, great pastries, and even ice cream. My husband loves plain vanilla shakes and would go out of his way to go to a place with good shakes. Since the day we realized that our little coffee shop does a mean vanilla milkshake, he frequents there almost as much as I do.
So you are probably thinking that this place sounds pretty great. But so what. There are great shops everywhere. Here is the thing. They know their clientele. They know me. Well...... they know my drink. When I walk in in the shorter guy says "single soy mocha" to check in that that is what I really want before starting my drink and then by the time the line has shrunk enough for me to get to the register and pay the taller guy, my drink is done. Anyone who loves coffee drinks can understand why this is so special to me. I don't have to do anything but pay, I barely have to wait. It is so fast that I can usually pop in, get my coffee, and be out the door before the bus comes. I love that I can count on them for great coffee, and great service everyday and will never be late for work. And I don't even go there every day. They just remember me. 

I love that I can drink real coffee. When actively trying I had totally cut back and would get 1/2 caf or decaf, or tea. But I've been able to enjoy regular coffee again and am sucking it down by the gallon before next week when I go back on my low caffeine thing again.

The second thing is wine. I'm not a big drinker. I usually don't have wine that often. And when I do I usually drink white wine.  I especially love dessert wines.  But since I've been in TTC limbo I've become a fan of some of the cabs we had previously been just storing away for guests. Why didn't I drink wine with dinner before? I've been missing out. Why save the good stuff for guests? How silly. I've found that a glass of good wine is especially useful when making dinner. It makes cooking seem less like a chore and more like a fun activity. This is why people like wine!   And the best part about red wine (besides the fact that now it is linked with being heart healthy), is that it doesn't have to chill.  It is perfect right off the rack.

So I'll miss my daily coffee. I won't give it up for realz though. I'll probably just cut back to 2 days a week in the 2ww. But no more of that 1/2 caf or decaf crap. What is the point? Plus what kinds of chemicals are they using to take out the caffeine? I do that kind of work in the lab and it ain't pretty. So I'll just stick to the good natural stuff but just have it less often. As for the wine, I'll follow the drink til its pink mantra. Meaning that you can drink alcohol until you see a pink line that represents a Big Fat Positive pregnancy test. Like I said, I'm not really a big drinker anyhow. So cutting back is not an issue. I will not worry about it until I have a BFP. In the meanwhile, I'll probably cook more often.

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littlemonkey said...

this post is is so reminiciant of one I wrote a long. time. ago.

You will miss coffee and wine. I miss it all. Though I've always been a fan of milk foam.. GOOD milk foam (not that starbucks wanna-be crap!) So, I allow myself a weekly decaf latte... yum!

AND... yes, I'm an enabler! lol... Nick put together a great 'baby mix' for me that include quite a few DMB tunes :)