Thursday, March 13, 2008

two under two

My brother just told me that our friend's wife is pregnant with number 2 just 7 months after having their son. Lucky girl!!! Or unlucky. I mean, I would love to have a couple of kids who are close enough in age to be friends. But she will have to deal with 2 little babies at the same time. Twice the crying, twice the diaper changes, twice the worry. I think that it would be pretty hard to deal with. But my husband and his brother are just 13 months apart. His mom had to deal with having 2 little babies at the same time. And she dealt. Well I guess we will have to see how our friend and his wife deal with it. I'm sure they will be awesome.

But it makes me question if you can have two much of a good thing. My husband and I have always hoped for twins. And now with the clomid (if I ever get to take it...sigh) we will have much better odds of having them. But how would we do? Something to think about.

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