Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IF in the plant world???

This is Trudy, a Titan arum plant, aka corpse plant.  She is big and ugly, and stinks of rotting flesh (hence the nickname corpse plant).  I fought the crowds to take a look at her today because today was the first time since 2005 that she produced a flower.  Yes ladies and gents,  Trudy gets a chance at reproduction only every 4 or 5 years.  Very much like us infertiles, Trudy doesn't have a lot of opportunities to make a baby.  And when she does, she goes all out... making this giant flower (almost 7 feet tall).  I liken this to all the effort that we IFers have to put into baby making.  Injecting ourselves, undergoing crazy dietary regimes, surgeries, pills, blood draws, dildo cam visits....all in the hope of reproducing.

 The flower stinks (It was pretty nasty.  Being that it was growing in a greenhouse in June.  Just use your imaginations girls.) to attract flies and beetles that will carry pollen to her flowers.  Much like our REs guide sperm to eggs through IUI or IVF.  I'm assuming that most of us IFers don't stink.  But it does stink that a lot of us have to pay thousands of dollars for the chance to do what practically everyone else can do for free.  

The rest of the time in her life cycle when Trudy is not working her little plant ass off to reproduce, she looks like this.  
Just tall and leafy.  And not stinky.  This is the waiting stage.  So I guess right now that I'm waiting anxiously for 
my FET in August I'm sort of in my leafy stage.  I'm really not doing what I'm 'supposed' to do for reproduction.  I'm not taking pre-natals. Haven't had the heart to swallow them since I associate them with Lydia.  I'm drinking tons of coffee.  Really strong coffee!! And right now I'm guzzling down an ice cold Toffee Coffee Frostie.  According to my acupuncturist, cold food and drinks are a big no no.  Something to do with taking the blood away from the uterus to help warm up the cold stuff so it can be digested.  So the Frostie being frozen is probably really bad.  Oh and it is coffee flavor so all that extra caffeine added to the 2 cups of Joe I had today is probably bad too.  Also, my acupuncturist wants me to cut out sugar.  I'm sure there are about 2 cups of sugar in my Frostie.  But I really don't care.  I'm Leafy.  There is no chance that I can get pregnant right now anyway so I might as well enjoy myself a little.  Come July I'll get back on track.


Andie said...

That is one incredible plant! Enjoy being Leafy. Have some fun! We put ourselves through so many restrictions - there is a time to break free and just enjoy!


WiseGuy said...

Oh yes, I have heard of that plant, just never seen one in real life though...Thanks for sharing...and what a great analogy!

All the very very very best for August!


meinsideout said...

That was pretty funny - esp about the stinky part - but trust me, there have been days and days and days where I could not bring myself to shower...

I too am drinking coffee like crazy - I have cut down to 2-3 whereas I was up to 5-6. My insems are going to be soon - just waiting for my surge.

Oh - as for your question on IVI -intravaginal insemination - fancy word for putting my donor goodies in a syringe and placing them in my vagina. Low tech but successful for many - to be followed up with an IUI at the docs office.


We have Angel Wings said...

Wow! That plant is pretty neat.

What a wonderful post and the analogy was beautiful.

Thinking of you.



carley said...

You really do not need to take pre-natals before you are pregnant, all you need is the folic acid, so you can just take a folic acid supplement :)

That is one neat plant. :0) You should definitely enjoy your 'leafy' time. :0)

Michelle said...

That is pretty cool. I actually have never heard of that before.

theworms said...

Great post :)

I've never even heard of that plant before.


Aunt Becky said...

I'm an wannabe botanist and I find this incredible and amazing.

strongblonde said...

i saw (and smelled) one a few years ago, too. what a great way to think about it.


militarywifealways said...
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Sweet Georgia said...

Wow, what a cool plant!

I'm feeling a lot like you today and can see myself getting a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte in the next hour or so.

alicia said...

wow so neat! what an interesting plant, i had heard about them on CSI! haha

Fat Chick said...

Wow! What a cool plant. And enjoy that coffee. I say that the one silver lining in a failed cycle is flavored with vodka. For you, coffee. For me, vodka.


Lisa RM said...

Titan Arum! I love that plant!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Just read your ICLW welcome and then your April posts. I am SO sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. I am sorry you are living in such pain and are trying to make sense of things.

LOVE your plant photos and the compare/contrast with the plant and IF treatments. :)


Flower said...

That is interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry for your loss (hugs)

sassy said...

I'm feeling pretty stinky myself lately... just maybe not 'stinky' enough.