Monday, May 19, 2008

I look like a pervert

I keep squeezing my boobs!  This is a stupid action to take especially since my boobs are achy.  It is a like a little ocd or something.  I just keep doing it to make sure that my boobs still hurt.  And I want them to hurt because it is a sign that my body is working.  That progesterone is being produced and ovulation has occured.  That I'm actually in the two week wait.  I don't do it in public or anything.  That of course would be over the top.  So I'm just a little crazy.

Is it too obvious to blame this all on hormones.    

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littlemonkey said...

lol... I *did* squeeze them in public! The trick? bring your hands to your chest like you're cold... you can tell that they're sore AND you don't look overly weird! Plus, you're not a pervert if you're feeling yourself up ;) only others!