Monday, May 26, 2008


National Comment Leaving Month.  
It started yesterday and runs through June 25th.  
Anyway the point is to leave at least 5 comments a day on other blogs and to respond to at least one comment on your own blog.  I love this idea because I really like to check out other blogs, and I'm sure this will lead me to some new favorites.  

Plus reading all these blogs will keep me from overanalyzing my 2 week wait symptoms.  I'm 11 DPO today and so far am not going too crazy.  Hopefully NaComLeavMo will help me stay crazy free.


Kymberli said...

Hey there! I'm returning your comment from my blog; thanks for stopping by! 11dpo? Whoa, you're so close! I take it that you're not going to do any testing? I'm not even a whole day past transfer and I'm already hearing the siren song of HPTs! I wish you all the luck in the world, and I'll be checking in to see how this turns out for you!

Echloe said...

No testing. I'm too scared of BFNs. So I'm going to wait until I'm 14 DPO.

SAHW said...

Good for you for waiting! I used to test early and wasted many tests that I'm tired of not seeing two lines, so I'm never testing until I'm actually late. All the best, I'll be following your journey. : )