Friday, May 30, 2008

Best Finale Ever (lost spoilers)

I love Lost.  O.K. I don't just love it.  I adore it.  It is the most clever television series ever and has fantastic writing, and brilliant acting.  Last night I was on the edge of the couch as I watched my favorite character Desmond finally reunite with his long lost love Penny.
The love story of Desmond and Penny is probably the best love story ABC has ever given us.  They had to endure a separation of space and time.  Yes time.  But destiny reunited them.  
Normally I wouldn't compare real life to fiction but there are so many parallels to my life in Lost.  1st off, there is this overlying infertility theme.  Then there is the waiting.  They characters wait for rescue, wait for love.  And they have nothing to rely on but hope and faith.  And that is my story.  I am infertile.  Yikes.  There I said it.  Infertile.  And I have nothing but hope and faith left as I wait wait wait for sperm to meet egg.                                                         

I do have a lot of faith in my new RE office.  I was surprised and thrilled that they called me yesterday afternoon to check to see about my pregnancy test results and to remind me of which numbers to call when I start my period so they can keep track of my cycle.  Such great service.  Sure, we are going to pay a pretty penny (another connection to lost maybe), but it will be so worth it in the end if this works for us.  They are so on the ball.  So different than my OBGYN office.  A girl could get used to such great treatment.

O.K. so if you don't watch Lost, I hope that you will rent the DVDs and start watching it over the summer.  And if you do, yay for the best season finale ever.  The only sad thing is that we have to wait 9 months for the next season to start.  Is it random that that waiting for Lost to start again is the same as the gestational time for a human baby?  I think not.  Just another parallel to my life.  Hmmm......


VA Blondie said...

Thanks for stoppong by my blog. I appreciate the comments.

The waiting is one of the hard things about IF, I think. Everything is hurry up and wait. It can get frustrating.

It makes a huge difference when the staff at an MD's office is competent and cares about the patients. I have left MDs because the staff was so awful.

Stephanie said...

I have never watched Lost, but now, I just might. :)

I too hate the waiting that comes along with IF. It sucks. You see people on the nest who started TTC after you having babies. It hurts.

I'm glad you like your RE's office. I LOVE mine too, they are very on top of everything. Never waiting for phone calls about anything at all, they are always on the ball. I am so happy we started with the RE too, it helps to know their #1 goal is to knock you up!

Kymberli said...

I tried to watch Lost when it first started, and for some reason I couldn't get past the first three or four episodes. Maybe it was the disjointed feeling of it not holding my attention from one week to the next. Perhaps if I rent the whole seasons I'll be able to get into it more.

I wish you much luck for your upcoming cycle!

Amy said...

So I stumbled across your blog. Probably from one of the girls on thenest. I love LOST too. I hate that I have to wait for the new season. This finale was good but as all good finale's brought up a lot of questions (Honestly, what LOST show doesn't?) Anyway. Story of my life, waiting.