Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm not asking for much

So I really hate my OBGYN office.  They have really really poor customer service.  After my HSG nobody called me with an update (good thing the ultrasound doctor explained that everything looked good, but he told me specifically that the OBGYN office would call with a full report).  I tried calling them and keep getting told, "the MA hasn't checked her voicemail, the MA will call you back, the MA is in the other office today sorry".  Then I had bloodwork to check my progesterone levels to make sure that I ovulated on clomid.  I call and call and get the same lines. I've already started my 2nd round without really knowing that it worked.  O.K.  my chart tells me that I did.  I'm certain I felt Ovulation pains, and I used to Ovulate on my own semi-regularly so I do think it worked.  However, what was the point of the blood test then.  To tell me for sure.  So now I don't know for sure and I'm sick of it.  Errrr.  After getting the run around for over a week I decided to call for a referral to see an RE.  I figure this could kill 2 birds with one stone.  Get me out of the crazy OBGYN office for a while, and get me the proper monitoring and care so I can get pregnant already.  
Well wouldn't you know that the frickin referral I get is for some dinky 2 doctor practice where one of the doctors is going on maternity leave.  So there is just one doctor.  And her next available appointment is July 2.  WTF.  I live in the San Francisco area.  There are tons of reproductive specialty offices that could probably fit me in at a reasonable time.  And to make me even more pissed, my stupid OBGYN office hasn't faxed over my referral to them yet.  

So I decided to just go around my OBGYN.  I called my primary care physicians office.  And wouldn't you know that I got a nice woman on the phone who scheduled me for Monday so I can talk to him about getting a referral.  Hopefully he'll be able to get me into a better staffed office in a more reasonable time frame.  


littlemonkey said...

at least you're able to take the situation into your own hands and get seen by another RE... I'd also ask for a referral to a new OBGYN's office. You can always have your records sent over. OR, you could be a complete PITA and arrive asking for copies of your records so you can take them yourself = no waiting for a stupid office to pull their heads out of their butts to help you. But that's just what I would do ;)

Alison said...

Good for you Betsy! Take control of what you can!! Good luck! --Alison (MyABCLife)